Benjy: They’re such great friends, and, I mean, they’ve already kissed twice. And he’s always there for her, always ready to cheer her up the moment she seems down. He’s so good and kind and sweet, and Jean really needs that right now, I think. He’s the only one so far who knows about Jean’s issues with relationships, and she trusts him. Jean doesn’t trust a lot of people after her old Muggle friends, and Benjy’s just so good, so she, like, has to trust him.

Sturgis: He’s different. He’s loud and abrasive and kind of annoying, and Jean, I don’t know, she likes it. He’s not the norm and she likes it a lot. Even now, after he stood her up, she still has, like, some semblance of a feeling for him. He was just stood out to her.

Andras: So, I made up Andras Finney because Jean needed an endgame because she’s going to live. He’s a Welsh boy from Holyhead and he moved to Bristol when he was ten because his dad got a job there. He got a job as a milk delivery guy, and met Jean through that. He was assigned the region around her, and she was this interesting girl with crazy hair and a beautiful personality. He loved it right away, and for four months, he didn’t say anything, but he got the guts up and finally asked her out (drabble here). He’s a pretty nerdy guy, and Jean totally loves that about him. He’s a stable guy, with a good family life and background, and was always there for all of his friends through any troubles, so he knows that family’s have issues. When he heard about her mom, Andras said, “She doesn’t deserve a daughter as amazing and beautiful as you.” He’s protective over her, but not too protective. And he’s just my perfect endgame for her. I haven’t developed him in my headcanons far enough yet, but this is what I got for you.