Oh, God, I just read through the dash to see all the Boggarts and now I’m going to explain Jean’s Boggart. Get ready for feels.

So, I’ve known Jean’s Boggart for a really long time, and I’ve never really fully explained it past a simple “being alone”. So, this is going to be me explaining the reasoning behind all of that.

Since she was 11, Jean has steadily been losing some people who were close to her. First, it was her mother. The moment she got that letter, her mother didn’t know what to do with Jean. She would have been okay with her if she didn’t go to that “blasted magic place”, but Jean wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to learn magic. Last year only finalised her mother leaving, since her parents got a divorce. Her first best friend was a Muggle girl name Odette Anderson. Odette was really jealous the Jean was leaving her alone with all of the idiots of the Muggle world, and started to spread rumours that the special school Jean was going to was for kids with mental issues. So, everyone in school began to think Jean was insane. Once Ida and Ivy defended her, Odette made up a rumour saying they were in the same school for the same reasons.

So, once she got to Hogwarts, she was pretty sure she wouldn’t have many friends. Then Ida and Ivy happened to be there, and she got hopeful again. And then the bullying started. She met Benjy and Jeremy (this is my headcanon, if Sarah doesn’t agree than I can change it) both helped her get away from some bullies that year, so they’ve been friends since. Everyone else sort of followed along in fifth year. She got this sudden influx of friends when she started to go out and be social. I’ve got a headcanon for why she did this, because it would be completely ooc for her to just randomly go out and make friends at that time. I think that Benjy had been urging her to get more friends, and she finally gave in and started talking to people. And then she met Mary. And Mars. And Doe. And all the Marauders. And some Hufflepuffs. And, then, this summer, she met Joce. And Joce isn’t your typical Slytherin and she’s actually¬†friendly with Jean, something Jean never thought would happen.

If Jean encountered a Boggart it’d be her alone. You’d think it would be her friends dead, but that’s a side-effect, really. It’d more of her being alone because everyone’s dead. The war terrifies Jean, and if she had more bravery than in-the-moment bravery she would be fighting out in that war happily. But she doesn’t want to die and she doesn’t want her friends to die. So her Boggart is really her, alone forever, with all of her closest friends dead.

The worst part is that this becomes partially.