Choose a Number or Two

Kaitlyn and Dani are my favourite people. So here are the questions. Be ready for the feels.

1. The story of my last kiss

A week or so ago when Oliver comforted me over my mum’s, uh, thing.

2. One of my obsessions


3. What was going on in my life one year ago

Oh, God, a year ago? Uh, I was playing Quidditch and studying a lot for my OWLs. I don’t really know other than that. Oh, wait, uh … the Shrieking Shack.

4. One of my insecurities

I’m not talented enough.

5. My childhood career choice


6. How many people I’ve slept with

Uh, none, actually.

7. Whether I support gay marriage and why

'Course I do. I want to see Ivy and Athena get married one day.

8. The weirdest sexual encounter I’ve had

Well, uh, I’ve never had a sexual encounter.

9. Why what I do matters

Because I enjoy doing it, and it makes me happy.

10. What I would name a daughter

I’ve always liked the name Riley, actually. When I was in primary school, there was a girl on my football team named RIley.

11. Then things on my bucket list

  • Fall in love
  • Read all of Tolkien’s works
  • Go back to the States
  • Go to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
  • See the pyramids in person
  • Go to the Quidditch World Cup
  • Discover a star
  • Finish writing a novel
  • Raise a family
  • Be happy

12. One of my bad habits

I have this nervous tick where I’m always moving. My legs bounce a lot.

13. The oldest person I’ve slept with

Never slept with anyone.

14. Where I want to be right now

I’m perfectly happy with being at Hogwarts. But I kind of want to be in the Birmingham Hospital.

15. My ideal next ten years

Happiness, tea, family, life, magic. No more wars. No more sadness or torture. Just spending time with family and friends and being happy and drinking tea.

16. Whether I believe in monogamy

'Course I do. Polygamy isn't, uh, conventional for a relationship in my mind.

17. My religion, spirituality, or meaning in life

Christian. Uh, a cultural Christian.

18. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately